What do you need this spring in your wardrobe?

After a long winter and a lot of cold days, spring has finally come. Time to put our winter clothes back to the very back of the wardrobe and bring back…. yeah, what? Bring back what?!

Let’s dive into it….


Who would think that they will be trendy again? I personally adore them and I think that it’s a MUST have for spring. It’s a little detail, but makes your outfit a bit more special and high fashion. Do you remember Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl? Yeah, that’s the look we desire.


They are such nice alternative to jeans. I am the type of person who loves wearing jeans. They are comfy and go well with most of the outfits, but to be honest, sometimes I’m a bit bored of them. Well, thankfully we have discovered cargo pants! They are just like jeans, comfy and easy to combine with other clothes. You can wear them with sneakers, butalso high heels, depends from your mood and occasion.


Another trend that I would never thought will come back. Back in the days the shorter your skirt was, the better. This season, it’s opposite! The longer the better! I’m a big fan of this trend. I think you can create a variety of looks with long skirts. From classy and formal to chill and sporty. And well… they are so comfy too! And they cover everything. You don’t need to worry that the wind will blow your skirt away 😉


That’s the trend I was the most excited about! One colour suits are just a genius idea. They create the whole look without trying too much. And again, you can make it sporty or formal with high heels. Super easy to wear. Perfect for days when you don’t wanna spend too much time on thinking what to wear. And those colours… you can see below what I mean!


Super easy, super comfy… is that what we’re about this spring?! Well, I guess so. Again, just like with once colour suits, you can make it classy or sporty. One piece in nude colours is easy to style and will definitely make you look as if you came back straight from fashion week shows.

That would be all for today’s post. Let me know what is your favourite trend for this spring in the comments below.

Till next time.

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