Mess or a hot mess?

Winter is so tiring for me. It’s so annoying when it’s so cold and dark all the time. That’s why to bright up my mood I’m already planning my spring outfits. I love spring. It’s such colourful time of the year and also you can still “layer” your outfits so they look cool.

So let’s talk about trends for this spring!
All I’ll say now is truly my opinion. What I think will be trendy and what I personally find interesting and worth hearing. Don’t take it for granted and as a “professional opinion”.

I found some very interesting outfits. The combination of clothes, and their colours or textures is just very interesting to me. As I said in the title, “mess or a hot mess”, well for me it’s a hot mess for sure!

I find those outfits as a perfect representation of spring. I think if spring were an outfit… that’s how it’d look like.

I can understand that this kind of style is not for everyone, but maybe this post will also inspire those who are a bit shy to wear something crazy from time to time.

So as you can see, it’s a lot of texture, different prints and colour! Of course not everything that you put together looks good and it can end up looking like a “mess”. But when you do it with style it can end up looking totally hot and you’ll definitely catch everyone’s attention on the street!

Tell me what do you think about this type of combining and styling clothes. Would you wear something like this or rather not? Leave your comments down below!

Till next time!

All the pictures are form Pinterest. I’m sorry for not tagging everyone from those pictures in this post, but that would be impossible because I don’t know all of you. Nevertheless, thank you for the beautiful pictures! You look gorgeous!


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