Black Friday in the USA is a big thing. Almost all shops or even lets say ALL of them take part in it. This day is like a paradise for shoppers and also a good opportunity to buy presents for Christmas.

Well, Black Friday is not exactly the same in all other places in the world.

In my country majority of the shops participate in Black Friday, BUT they do it on their own tricky rules and that is what annoys me a bit.
The whole point of this day is to give people BIG discounts. Simple as that. Well, retailers think that they are smarter than that and they use this day to get more money from people than usual… 

Sounds cruel, right?  So what they do?
For the whole week you just listen to advertisements on the radio, TV and just everywhere about Back Friday discounts. They get so much in your head that literally all you think about is just this one day. It’s like some kind of “hypnosis” during which you prepare more and more to buy stuff.

And then…there it is, BIG BLACK FRIDAY. Or should I say BIG DISAPPOINTMENT

Most of the shops that for the whole week were torturing us about the big sale… actually give no big sales. I’ll explain what I mean on my example. 

Yesterday like stupid I was waiting until 00:00 to be first to buy clothes that I liked before but I was just waiting for them to be on sale.
I found super nice dress from Pepe Jeans. Good brand, good quality, and what goes with that, high price. 

Dress was on Zalando and on Thursday it was -50% for it. It was extremely tempting to buy it but I was waiting until Friday because Zalando said that they will give extra -20% for all things that are already on sale. Sounds awesome, but it wasn’t quite like that. Finally, when Friday came the additional discount appeared BUT the price of the dress went up! Imagine, the dress costs 300$, theres’s -50% so it’s 150$ and then surprisingly the dress is 225$ and you cannot use the extra discount of 20% because you can use it only when spend at least 250$…. ONE BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. 

Now you can think why am I complaining so much.
It’s not about that one dress, it’s about the fact how retailers make people think that they’re saving money, while they spend just as much as if they bought the thing for regular price. I feel, that it’s just super unfair and brands just manipulate people how they want. 

To make it even funnier I’m a student of Business so I guess I should understand this situation, and accept it because that’s “how business works”… Well I do not accept it. Haha 😀 

With this post I just want to aware you how easy it is to manipulate people nowadays. Haha sounds cheesy but that’s how it is. Retailers use soo many different techniques how to make people buy their products, that it’s crazy when you go deeper into that topic. So guys, just check if a “discount” is actually profitable for you or if you’re just spending as much as without any sale.

Thank you for reading and let me know your experience with Black Friday. Was it good or bad?

Till next time! 

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