I never know how to start conversation, planning, in general everything. Beginnings are weird and so is this first blog post. As you may already predict, I have no idea how to start my blog and how this FIRST post should look like. 

It’s weird to read this, I know. 

Well, to make it even more awkward…. WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

Haha sounds like a proper beginning, right? 

Dear reader, I’m sorry that you have to read all of it but I can promise you that my other posts will be way better. I want to keep this blog mostly about fashion so if you’re also interested in fashion, you’re more than welcome here! You may think, “oh no another fashion blogger/ influencer”, well you’re wrong. 🙂 

I love fashion and I want to share my interests and ideas with more people, and what is a better way to share and inspire than a blog?  

What you can also expect are some “thoughts” posts. Also they will be mostly fashion connected but I never know what will come to my head so, you can expect everything.

In general on my blog I want to share what I find interesting.

So stay tuned, check out and all of that.  

Thank you so much for visiting and reading! 

3 thoughts on “WEIRD BEGINNINGS…

    1. I can understand that, but what I don’t like about beginnings is the feeling of being a bit lost. I don’t like not having things under control, and also you never know which decision is the right one… haha I know, it sounds complicated but I hope you know what I mean 😀 Thank you for your comment, it’s the first comment on my blog! 😀


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